One stop total mobile app protection is a one-stop, total protection solution for mobile developers building apps for Android or Unity 3D (iOS / Android). Users can enter the main website to get insights on their apps’ security, and better protect them -- in real time.


Analyze mobile apps and identify security vulnerabilities such as DEX decompile, Unity DLL decompile, or SO debugging. Prevent security threats before your mobile app is even published -- when it often becomes too late to protect them!


Use powerful binary level encryption and obfuscation technology to prevent decompiling and code analysis. No integration required -- and no performance degradation with usage.


Monitor your app’s real-time security status with a unique tamper detector capable of blocking execution of compromised app installations at the device level.

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Founded by five-time DEFCON finalists, SEWORKS develops advanced security solutions for the mobile era—cloud-powered,easy-to-use, zero-integration services that protect developers and their customers through the entire lifecycle of their apps.Backed by Qualcomm and SoftBank Ventures Korea, SEWORKS is headquartered in San Francisco. Visit us online at and follow us on Twitter @seworks_twt.

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